Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Belated Easter From Macau

Unfortunately, the Easter holiday crept up on us and we forgot to makes plans so we ended up doing a quick trip to Macau. Even more unfortunately, we arrived at the ferry and were about the "check-in" when we realized we forgot our passports. After resolving the issue and 2 hours later, we were finally on our way in the pouring rain. So instead of exploring Macau, we ended up walking around a couple of casinos and having dinner before returning to HK . . . perhaps the pics will be better next time . . .

Starworld Hotel Easter Hostesses

Even Friendlier

We were informed at check-in that the ladies were all dressed in bunny outfits in celebration of Easter . . . clearly, the religious significance got lost in translation.

Tree of Life (in the Rotunda at the Venetian)

Hotel Lisboa - Oldest Scene in Town (thanks to Stanley Ho)


attheveryend said...

So, bunny costumes for Easter. I bet Halloween is amazing.

Geoff said...

Why is Matt not playing with the bunnies?