Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Freaky Tuesday (Happy Tax Day!!!)

This afternoon, around 2 pm, the office chatter reached a feverish pitch . . . expecting to see a baby panda or 4 foot tall cardboard birthday cake, I was shocked to learn that world-famous insane man Robert Alain was climbing the Four Seasons Hotel next door with his bare hands and no safety equipment (a mere 46 stories high)!!

Picture of the entire building to give you an idea about scale (sorry about the glare).

On the way up (you may need to click on the picture to get "full screen") - in case you can't tell, Robert Alain is the one in the red pants!

And finally, at the top (and greeted by the PO-LEECE)!

We were both able to watch the climb from our respective offices. And the best part is, Alain did it to raise awareness about global warming (link will also show professional photographs). Interestingly enough, we probably would not have been able to see the climb if China had not closed down its coal-run factories on the mainland in anticipation of the arrival of the Olympic torch!


par said...

wow! would have love to have seen that.

Anonymous said...

amazing! - dad