Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Armani Galore

The building where M works is known as Chater / Armani house. The Armani name is a recent addition and reflects the fact that most of the stores on its 2 retail levels are outlets for various items Armani. See below - you'll note that Georgio is involved in more enterprises than commonly known. And according to Wikipedia, we can expect an Armani airline in 2010 (NY - Milan - Dubai)!

Armani Florist

Armani Creme Nera - for all your cosmetics needs

Armani Dolci - for designer pigout sessions

Armani Casa

Armani Libri - a mind is a terrible thing to waste. To hell with Oprah and her bookclub!

Armani Bar - picture coming shortly.

And finally, you can't miss out on the biggest movie of the year!


par said...
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par said...

yum. we were admiring those suits during the dark knight