Monday, August 25, 2008

No Pictures . . .

We thought we'd try something new today . . . a post with no pics . . . we've struggled to capture some of truer representations of HK, like the unique fashion sense - shorts in the office, Eng-rish tees, a borderline obsession with trucker hats (including one that said "what the F--- is going on). This is mostly out of a fear of being deemed stalkers.

We've also been unable to capture the love of fobs, charms and cuties. No purse, no matter how many thousands of dollars have been spent, can exist without some little something hanging off the side. Use of cell phone charms seems to be some type of local requirement . . . again, hard to capture without seeming like a weirdo. And from time to time, the guys even seem to be fobbed to the hilt.

And then there are the "Japanimation" hairdos sported by young men of the the under 22 set . . . there are bangs . . . there are spikes . . . there is frosting . . . but a young man's hair is truly a life's passion around here.

Since we can't show you number of these items, we decided the least we could do is share some of the more "interesting" names we've encountered out here:

- Angel But (f)
- BoBo (f)
- Jeans (f)
- Icy (f)
- Vincy (f)
- Gemini (m)
- Zenobia (f)
- E Laine (f)
- Duki (m)
- Stoner (m)

Kinda gives Apple a run for her money.

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