Thursday, September 11, 2008

More New Zealand

Below are other pics from out trip . . . really a once in a lifetime experience!

Arial view of Queenstown

View while snowboarding down Coronet Peak

View while snowboarding down Treble Cone

The Treble Cone lodge is also home to a group of Kea (pronounced Kia) - alpine parrots about the size of a house cat. They are extremely clever creatures and known for stealing camera cases and hats from the unsuspecting.

From our hotel room

Nerds on horses

Mega Nerd

And in case you thought we were homesick, the ultimate reminder (in the form of a takeout joint the mall)

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD ALPINE PARROTS! I want to squeeze and eat that parrot. Then squeeze it some more.--LKC