Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yummy Singapore

Singapore is filled with tons of places to eat and is a town of foodies . . . we did our best try the most famous of its offerings:

Well-known delights (sort of)

Oyster omelet and carrot pancake at the hawkers stands . . . greasy but delicious!

The famous ice cream wrapped in pink and green colored white bread (and yes, it tastes just like you think it would - like ice cream wrapped in bread)!

Beancurd City or Bust!

Somethings we didn't try . . .

Sushi Sandwich

Seaweed Roll - essentially a sandwich rolled up with nori

No Comment

Japanese Burger Joint which we tried . . . M got the burger with the bun made out of rice patties and some type of seafood filling . . .

But if you get homesick, no worries, all your favorites are just around the corner . . .

1 comment:

Sami said...

I don't think I've even been to a Famous Amos or LJS's in the States! I wish IIII were near a Beancurd City!