Monday, February 9, 2009

Hikin' It

We recently went for a hike along the MacLehose trail, 100K trail in the New Territories named after HK's longest serving governor - and a hiking enthusiast to boot. We only did the first 15K . . . sadly, our cushy office jobs have rendered us weak and pathetic. It took several days for our muscles to speak to us again.

Enjoy the view!

Dam separating the Pacific Ocean and the reservoir - damned good engineering. Tee hee.

Not sure what this is but it reminded us of a LOST Dharma Station

Trail decoration. Not sure who the guy is but the other item is a wishing card - we saw several along the 15K but unfortunately, all the wishes were in Chinese. We suspect they were wishing for the trail to end . . . or for dim sum!

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Anonymous said...

The lake is gorgeous. That park doesn't seem like it could be on the same island as all those buildings.

Love TLC Dad