Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cambodia - Part III

Alright, no more temples . . . these are miscellaneous shots that capture some of the other fun sights, sounds and activities. They are a bit random but hopefully you will enjoy.

Just cause we can!

Torrential Rains

Who Needs Refrigeration?

New Friend

Yummy!!! At the Siem Reap Airport . . . Utter Genius

Walking to the Plane

From the Plane - Bye Cambodia!


attheveryend said...

Wow...the guns, the rocket launchers, the soviet-era looking plane....sign me up.

Linus said...

Man.. and monkeys and unrefridgerated pigs!! awesome!

attheveryend said...

you know, that photo of Farah is definitely in my top five photos ever....